Hey passionate, ambitious lady-preneur,


Are you rocking your potential and purpose and bursting out your skin with vitality?

How is that tricky money-body-life balance working for you?



To-do lists, schedules, money goals, training, social media groups and managing your home life, money and fitness... being an entrepreneur is a crazy ride isn't it?

Maybe you're still scouring around for the secret sauce, that will help you manifest whatever sparkly thing you think will catapult you into a fabulous rock-star entrepreneur?

Do you think the be-do-and have-it-all ideal is a myth?

Or is your heart burning with a potentially world changing project, that you've no idea how to get out there.


If you truly aspire to more in every area of your life but have no idea of the best way to pull it all together and make it happen, I would just love to help you explore that together.


I do believe we attract our clients who are similar to ourselves but further on in the journey.

So with that said, here is how we can ramp up your vibes and get you 'aligned' with your sweet aspirations!


First of all, just so we know we are going to love hanging out together, here's what you can expect with honoring me with your time, attention and investment in those aspirations:

  • Fun!!!! (I laugh a lot) I can guarantee lots of high vibe exchanges, it'll be exciting, scary, sweet, catalytic with lots of OMGs, and a few F words.
  • Mostly, and hear this, since my very young age, I have been an empath to people's desires and dreams. I feel them viscerally. That means I am all in committed to you getting the results you dream of.


So how would be for you to have your own Iconic Life Catalyst?

To be 'Aligned with your goals' state that the gurus swear is the 'Secret Sauce' to getting what you want. So here's how we can cook that sauce together...