3 Morning Rituals for Mindful Manifesting


First thing in the morning is the very best time to prime your mindfulness with the awareness you need to stay focused on your intentions and avoid worry, stress, and having our energy brought down by others or our environment.

If there is one thing you can do for yourself, it would be to wake up earlier, not necessarily to work out (that comes afterwards) but to prime your whole being for joy, prosperity, safety, protection, vitality, love, achievement and anything else you want for yourself each day.

Reminder: ritual is the most powerful way of informing your subconscious mind that you are serious about making changes. Ritual is intention in action.

Rituals are actions that support the deepening of our spiritual and emotional connections. They bring extra brightness and fulfilment into our lives

I sit up in bed propped with pillows and a hot cup of tea so I won’t fall back asleep.

First before anything at all, I write some gratitude phrases which instantly connects me to wellbeing.


Make a habit of vocalising a power phrase that states your intention but also your power as a manifestor of your reality.

That is the first affirmation to make to yourself. To command the day with your truth, to imprint the ether with your essence.

2.  Why not choose an awareness bracelet or pendant for yourself. A piece of jewelry that represents presence and awareness. It could be a charm that means something to you, or beads like prayer beads, or something you make yourself. Throughout the day, if you find yourself ungrounded or tilted off balanced, touch your special amulet and bring your attention to what it represents to you. Let it remind you to take some deep breaths to feel your feet firmly grounded, to drink some cleansing water, or simply to tune back into your soul again.

3.  Write out the following mantra to yourself. Before you leave the house or enter the daily maelstrom world, just as you step over the portal, repeat to yourself:

Today, I walk in balance. Today I walk in awareness.

Today I walk in constant connection to my purpose and passions.

Today my soul leads my mind and body in the best directions for my ultimate well-being.

Today, my natural vibration of abundance and thriving will attract the best people and circumstances for my highest benefit.

Today my natural radiance will light my confidence in myself and my projects. Today I will look for fun, ease and clarity.

Today I will remind myself that persistent practise always trumps a problem.

This is such a powerful ritual! Words create your reality! In the beginning was the word and so it is!


Jenni P