3 Quick Daily Affirmations To Talk The Body Into Wellness

Repeat each one three times. Try and learn these off by heart.

Words are powerful – they are the feedback mechanism of your inner world and when used with affirmations in regular repetition can reach your subconscious mind, who is the gatekeeper of all changes you try to make.

So it takes not time to do this but a re-calibration of your daily habits.

You could try writing this down on a pretty card and carrying it in your bag.

Pull it out several times a day and remind yourself how you intend for your body to be at it’s best.

“I believe that I have a potential to be at my fittest and best. I know fitness is an inside story. Today I commit to making that a priority.”

“I love myself enough to make the best choices for my body today.”

“My body is in an ever improving state. Right now, I will make its job easy.”

Jenni P