3 Ways To Make your Body Your Temple of Love


WHICH MEANS Ways Pro-active healing and rejuvenation.

We have been taught to worship what is outside of ourselves, not necessarily religious icons but media heros and heroines and simply values that the masses aspire to.

We waste hours preferring to spend time in distraction rather than self nurturing.. I find that hard to understand and it is no wonder we get so burned out so quickly.

So here are three powerful ways to turn your focus away from worshipping things outside of ourselves and treating yourself like the goddess you are.

1.     If you have an alter with your favourite symbolic things on it;

Add a photo of yourself. At any age, but you. Put it amongst the crystals, stones, flowers, objects, statues. And so that every time you are tuning into intentions and the divine or your dreams, or whatever, that you are in there. Now light a candle for you as if you are truly divine because you are!

If you have a vision board of images that represent a future you aspire to then make sure there is a photo of you in there somewhere so the mind will associate the feelings you will have when you achieve your intention in a more grounded way.

If you don’t have either, it’s time to have them!

2.     Here’s how to triple the incredible healing power of water.

In recent years many people have been captivated by the work of Masaru Emoto, with his images showing the world precise details of how intention may be affecting water on a structural level. For the first time we were able to clearly visualise what a particular intention, such as gratitude, may look like in the form a single snowflake-like structure, photographed under a microscope.

Assign a regular bottle of transparent flask for your daily water or purchase a new one. With an indelible pen write on the bottle either a short affirmation or just a couple of   words like healing energy, thrive, nourish, youth, wellness or any other words that resonate with health and rejuvenation. Or you could write them on paper and tape them to the bpttle so you can change them. As you do so imagine the essence and meaning of the words imbuing the water with power. See the meaning flow into the bottle and then when you drink, picture all of this healing cleansing, energy pour into your body and into every cell.

3.  Get a blood test. And make sure you are getting every nutrient you need. We tend only to get a blood test when we’re ill or weaker. But as the body changes, daily, monthly yearly it is a good idea to see that our levels are right for our health. Take a natural cure of the nutrient you need or research to see how the mineral or vitamin can be optimised by others. Optimise your immune system. De-tox from time to time. I make de-toxing foods a regular part of of my week, vegetable charcoal, tisanes, radish and asparagus… tablets or drops. Boost your attention to life enhancing ingredients.

Jenni P