Why Positive Thinking Is A Positive Crock


The idea of having a positive mindset has been all the rage for decades. From the movie ‘The Secret’ to gurus from business and life, many icons have jumped on the bandwagon that the way to have all that you want is through a positive mindset.

 “ Positivity is the cheerleader, but in the end it isn’t the cheerleader that wins the game.”

So if positive thinking isn’t what gets us the life we want, what is? According to the latest scientific revelations that Jenni coaches to business owners, It is our energetic vibration or ‘vibe’.

Not your aura, your vibe is the energetic frequency you resonate on. Your vibe resonates on a biological, psychological, and spiritual level. Keeping a high vibe is what keeps creativity flowing even when you are stressed. Keeps you open to the new opportunities of life. More than a mindset outlook your vibe allows you to biologically function in situations that the average human could not handle. It is also crucial in the success and achievement process.

 To win a game you need two things. A coach making the right dynamic plays and the players willing to take action. The vibe you resonate on is the coach bringing together different moves needed. You are the player. You must take action once the play has been called.

Jenni P