3 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Know You Need to Leave (Something or Someone!)


So today I want to tell you a personal story which I hope will inspire you to become accomplished at walking away from negativity, when it is the right time.

When I was 21 I was married to a Glaswegian, alcoholic Royal marine, who, on the night of the birth of my first child, didn’t turn up, again.

Not for days. My mum came and rescued me with new babe but after a few months, I realised that there was something majorly wrong. I was not meant to be with this guy anymore, we were not meant to be together. So I walked away from a life what was not ly destiny.

I re-married way too soon, and soon discovered that this person was not meant to be my life partner. So after a few years, and beginning to know who I was and what I wanted, I walked away (spare you the details)

I had a successful business with a business partner but even though my soul loved me for it, my partner as not my business soul mate and I walked away.

I migrated to France (walking away) from my native country of birth because I never felt at home there but walking away from systems and beliefs that were not serving me.

You may not believe it but I was married 2 more times, the third time, I was really glad my husband did the walking away and left me to continue my destiny with great joy, then I walked away from 3 more relationships, several towns, several career changes, and many turns of fate.

Now you may be thinking I had lousy taste in partners, husbands and projects but I can assure you that was not the case! All of the people I have left behind not only forgave me but later saw the wisdom and benefits for themselves. It is de-stabilising living with a chameleon.

And that was what was happening. At each turn in my life, already driven by the idea of pursuing my dreams and destiny, I would put myself into situations that would force me into making decision about moving on.

I became very adept at change. I began to study change. I began to study self-growth and then I realised that this amount of change was natural for someone so ruthlessly ambitiously dedicated to self fulfilment. Now I am not advocating this course for everyone

it is perfectly possible to be superbly fulfilled in the context of a life long relationship

and even a long term career. Each one to their own. But I’m sure everyone has had the experience of wanting to walk away from difficult situations, people, environments, fights, arguments in the store, toxic people, tension, other people’s agendas, places that you didn’t feel the right vibe or were downright scared.

You may well be in the process of seeing challenges in bringing your iconic lifestyle to fruition. You may be wondering if you have the courage to walk away from that which appears to impeded it, a job, a relationship, a responsibility, a health issue.

Walking away, much like staying put, is an unmistakable declaration to yourself and to others about your worth, your standards, and what you will and won't allow in your life. The ability to walk away emboldens you inside and outside of relationships. From leaving a toxic friendship to walking away from a bad sales deal, when you are unafraid to lose the thing that you hoped for, you aren't a servant to or a prisoner of that thing, but a master over your desires.

Your strength of character is affirmed by walking away. And you grow to trust yourself more and more to do the right thing, even when it's hard.

So here are three questions you can ask yourself when your Iconic Lifestyle is

staring you in the face as being your destiny, but there is something standing in your way of galloping off on your white horse into the glorious sunset.

It is best to meditate when considering such questions

It is time to get into bed with your soul, pull the covers over your head.

Do whatever it takes to bring you into quietness, a still mind and a calm body.

Question 1: Is what you desire stronger than staying without it ? Try journaling and using the phrase:

“If I was to know this answer, it would be..........” (In other words, you bypass the conscious brain so that your intuition can answer truthfully for you)

Question 2: Are you prepared to sacrifice some part of your most ideal life quest , thereby compromising your destiny?

That’s a hard one! Millions die with unfulfilled lifetimes and unrealised dreams. This question will put you in front of your resolve and motivation!

Question 3: How can you make changes soulfully? Imagine that is is not an either or situation but one a new solution, that could be sculpted with diplomacy, love and respect. Imagine that it is possible to find the 'best possible scenario', by writing:

“What solutions might be available that I haven’t seen yet………..” Let your mind be silent and your soul speak gently but firmly.

Remember, your life counts above all else and if it doesn't you haven't got your priorities right. This is your life quest.

Every day is a miniature of your whole life.

Don't waste another day in any situation that is not for your highest food.

Jenni P