3 Secrets to Let go and Lighten Up!

Detachment is a powerful tool to have.

It stops us from falling prey to emotional dips, it stops us having knee jerk reflexes when we lose our cool and allows us to respond to life rather than reacting. It allows us to look objectively at things so we can make the right decisions; it allows us to preserve our emotional energy to flow fully when we want to give full reign to our bliss or our grief or our frustration.

You might think it is difficult to turn this off or on as if it were button but with practise, we get better as long as we remember these three things

1.  Life is short and fleeting isn’t it amazing how during the day, we can so quickly lose the sense of preciousness of life, we get pulled down into the swamp of busyness or here’s a more powerful one, we get caught up in the great illusion that is created by the mass consciousness. The projections of others, the projections and proclamations of the media. We sometimes remind ourselves of the most important things in life then promptly forget them as we navigate around the jungles of tasks, goals, aspirations and other people’s expectations. Routines are killers for values! So build your values into your routines! Make sure those core values properties are actually implemented in your day!!

2.  Don’t take yourself and life so seriously – Self humour is so effective! Taking the mickey out of ourselves without being critical. People love individuals who are gently self-deprecating, it gives them permission to be human too. Hang out with people that are funny and catch the bug! Find ways to play! Play with life, play with yourself, be a tease, be a flirt, remember you are not coming out alive! I define it quite simply as Spontaneous Creativity. Wit is the phrase you turn on the fly, the ready reference that’s ever so slightly askew and the point that wins the game. Be original, sharp, present and see the funny side in everything.

3.  Powerful detachment is one of the most powerful states you can achieve. it is when you are totally tuned in your dreams and desires, firing on all cylinders in action, but at the same time not putting your life happiness as a consequence of those desires. In other words it is finding a way to fall in love with the journey and not the destination.

Once again when you build you life around your soul's vision, the destination will be the sweetest place to be, even sweeter than the journey.

Jenni P