3 Ways to Dial Into Your Soul Code To Ramp Up Your Powers of Manifestation


Without your soul, you could have no mind Without your soul, your heart would be lost. Without your soul, you could not dream.

Your body would simply be an automaton.

So who or what is your soul? And why should you make her 'da boss' in all your decisions?

We are talking here, about the 'Real You', inside the lovely shell of your physical body – the part that makes you truly human with all your incredible potential, and not just a homo sapiens.

And while we have the ability to change our bodies to a certain extent, our souls are truly boundless, shape-shifters.

It is said that we are not humans having a spiritual experience But souls in a physical body. How awesome is that? Together in coordination with your mind, we are able to eat a meal, play piano, compose a poem, make a baby, feel ecstasy, and a lot more all at the same time, and that is in itself, truly miraculous.

But your soul can literally do anything it sets it physical and eternal heart on. As Deepak Chopra says, “Your soul is connected to the cosmos and all things”.

Yep, your soul resides in one big flipping cosmic playground in which to adventure.

It has all the wisdom and answers you will ever need to challenges, if you know how to listen? So why do we believe that we are we so restricted?

We lose our connection to the eternal self sometime through childhood.

After that, we tend to define ourselves on the material things that we own, taking score by measuring ourselves against others to see if we are similar (thereby trying to feeling normal).

We are squeezed into a society and media driven model from an early age, which actively discourages us from being or doing anything different from the status quo.

It is no wonder then, that after years of losing our sense of uniqueness and destiny, our souls wander lost amongst the gravestones of our deepest aspirations. Voilà, the tragedy of so many wasted, unfulfilled lives

For those who feel neither the motivation, nor courage to surmount it, life will pass in a blurred time-space capsule where all shades of dissatisfaction will colour the days of their life, and finally it will be a relief to lay down in the exhaustion of regret or surrender.

I'm sure if you're reading this, that is not your case! So back to that question, what is your soul?

Well stand and know that the answer lies in your happiness and dreams and laughter.

Stand and wonder why you are here and know, and that the answer is exactly the same as the above.

Stand and wonder why you have such big dreams and such a strong pull to be, do and experience so much.

So dear soul, how are you going to achieve that happiness, and dreams?

In a time where you can click your mouse on 'how to achieve happiness and dreams' and find several million answers, I'm happy to tell you that the answers lie inside YOU!

In your soul, if you know how to listen and follow the parth. The Trinity Code™ is the most direct route I know.

It is the answer to the questions and the key to doing something about it.

Imagine the Trinity Code being a map to your deepest soul desires, and your soul being the compass.

You see, your soul is always taking a reference point, impulsing you to follow your north star.

How much money you make and how much more you desire? How you feel lonely and ache for a mate?

How much verve you have to compete against your own limits and surpass your expectations? What you will do when you retire?

How fast you can finish your future bestseller? More examples?

Whatever your quest, Your soul knows all the points on the map, the roads to get to them and the exact measures required to complete the journey.

Whenever you need to make a decision, your soul is the one who must choose. The TC will help it Whenever there is a challenge, your soul will find the solution in the TC

Whatever your vision is of your ideal lifestyle, your TC is the blueprint to put it into place.

What your soul want is what you truly want. Are you listening?

How do you hear the voice of your soul?

  1. When you do what you are naturally gifted or talented at, your soul will speak
  2. When you love what you do your soul will speak
  3. When you do what you do best of all, your soul will speak

When you combine your loves and your gifts and what fires your values, you use that to serve the community, others or the world, you are right slap bang in the middle of fulfilling all of your human potential. 

This is when you vibe is the highest and your access to higher states of consciousness is opened. This is when you unleash your divine power. 

Because when you listen to your soul through the voice of your heart, when you act on its wisdom, you become a true creator. You become an active link in the chain of evolution, of moving the world on, in an improved way.

Jenni P