Four Insights into Why Your Well-Being is Linked To Wealth-Having


I'm sure that the phrase, 'Thoughts are things?' (coined by super-successful Law of Attraction teacher, Mike Dooley) is as familiar to you now as “Three Blind Mice”. “Or Just do It”.

Through the phenomenal spread of cyber-info, millions of people all over the world now are familiar with the idea of how our thoughts and actions influence our life conditions.

For those who don't fully understand the dynamic behind the law of attraction, it is simply a term for the quantum nature of how our universe functions. Everything in the universe is created because of what we're observing about it.

The shorts:

The brain and the body are one. The brain is in the body, it is part of the body, and it controls the body. Your mental states influence your bodily posture, and your posture influences your mental and emotional states, your vibe.

Unfortunately understanding a concept is one thing, integrating it is a whole different matter. Witness the tens of thousands of people who have been exposed to Law of Attraction material, including the monster money-making film, 'The Secret', and how very few have broken through struggle into total life freedom.

Why is that? Because most Law of Attraction teachers do not know how to effectively convey the immense inner transformation of energy that is required for change. Most of them are incapable of teaching people how to access true personal growth. The widely-taught techniques of visualisation and affirmation do not even come close to the core skills required to be an empowered, deliberate creator.

And of course the 'real secret' was paradoxically absent from the block-buster movie. The real secret is the wisdom behind how we master our thoughts and emotions and that elusive high vibe. Since time immemorial, the core wisdom of that is in possessing the power to be truly, serenely in a state of peace and joy, regardless of any outside circumstances. Very few people in the world are capable of doing this themselves, let alone teaching it to others.

It is a state of what some teachers call being in alignment with their desires'. Some may even call it enlightenment!

But there is a practical way to access this, that is available to everyone on earth and it has to do with our whole well-being.

Our well-being depends on many things, unique to each of us but depends on 4 main categories:

1  Our physical well-being – body, health, vitality.

A healthy body, in correct homeostasis (everything working hunky dory) emits an energetic field, an aura of vitality. This field can be measured and even photographed. Optimum vitality is a natural gage of how high our vibe is.

Cherishing our daily body care with exercise and good nutrition, and through hormonal release, is one of the most powerful ways to raise the frequency of positivity, required for constant, durable magnetism of our desires.

Physical challenges (body out of homeostasis) usually lead to a lowering of vibe and they are nearly always connected with the next facet:

2  Our emotional or inner well-being – thoughts, feelings, beliefs

A body that is not optimum in vitality can still access the sensations and chemical processes that make-up an individual who spends most of his or her time, happy, peaceful and worry free. We can be overweight or unfit and still resonate with the thoughts and emotions of a highly successful person. However, even if material success evolves in a body that is not in the optimum state, at some point in their life, the physical state will have its say about your life!

And the converse is true, success is a struggle if our predominant mood, vibe and attitude is one of negativity and resistance. It is impossible to 'worry and get rich'. A low vibe that comes from mind chatter about banal things, stress, non serving beliefs, doubts, low moods, worry, anger, resentment (shall I go on?) is THE MAIN MAN thing in determining how fast or slow we can magnetise our desires and dreams.

3  Our material well-being – money, environment, abundance.

“How can this be part of our make up?” I hear you ask. Well this is where it gets really interesting. Money is an energy that represents exchange of course, but it also represents our internal states!

According to Gary M Douglas in his book 'Becoming Money' he suggests that the states if power, control, awareness, creativity and joy are all states which have the same vibrational frequency as money. Therefore, he concludes to become those states is to attract the energy of money towards you. For sure, our material circumstances reflect us even if they don't define us. And can you see how those states of being are linked to beliefs, thoughts and emotions?

4    Our eternal self, our passions, values, dreams.

This is truly where our highest vibe comes from, and when we tap it into it and live by it, it sorts out all the rest! Our eternal selves or souls, are located beyond the day to day, functioning of the mind, but latest research suggests they may well be connected through the heart. The heart of course, is the part of us that yearns, desires, dreams, feels the expansion we crave.

Naturally our dreams are intrinsically linked to our minds, our biology and our souls and our money! Living a soul led life will oblige us to check out our very highest vision of life on all levels, because it will impulse us to find our purpose, our 'why'. Being connected to our 'why' invites in, the highest vibe of all!

Each of these four facets of our well-being needs to be balanced in order to for us to know true harmony and be in the best possible state to magnetise our desires to us.

When one or more of the facets are weak, we find ourselves in anxiety, struggle and dis-empowerment.

The thing is, when we recognise a weak facet in ourselves, we tend to work on that part. If we're overweight we go on a diet. That's OK, but we probably need to work on some emotional issues around food or change our environment.

If we are depressed, we get therapy, rather than checking our what our heart years for!

If we need more money we tend to economise it and maybe get another job. But working with our non-serving beliefs about money and re-enforcing our mind-set is indispensable in the equation.

And for those who have no idea of their soul's quest, voilà a life of constant distraction.

When we understand the co-relation between each facet and how the abiding laws of the universe interweave themselves around each part of our life, we step into our true omnipotence as deliberate creators of our reality.

At any moment, when we feel out of alignment, balance or harmony we will know where to give our focus and attention and bring ourself right back to being 'well'.

It begins with soul. Soul always has our well-being at heart. And soul has a plan to help you find it.

There is a code and I have the key! 

Jenni P