The Importance of Body Movement In Raising Vibration Endorphins


CLUE: Movement = manifestation

Now this is one of ranty subjects which I am very passionate about, because it is so key to success.

Let me ask you a question.

How many depressed athletes do you know? How many stressed out athletes do you know? Not many right?

How many depressed somewhat out of condition people do you know? Yes I expect a few come to mind.

How many stressed out people who never do exercise do you know, more than the last category? Same maybe?

The kind of dedication that athletes have, may not be for everybody but a lower level at your own pace, and at your own capacity, ruthlessly and relentlessly carried out with religious frequency, this will have amazing results on all areas of your life.

Great law of attraction teachers such as Abraham Hicks teach and encourage us do what makes us happy in order to get in the ‘vortex’ where our desires lie.

That amazing instruction is great but has confounded thousands of people who are not agile at focusing on positive things. Any vigorous movement is the best, fastest way to get into the vortex!

What do I mean by vigorous? Well if it’s just pushing the vacuum cleaner around, it probably won’t have an effect but dancing will instantly lift your mood, make your heart beat faster, release endorphins.

Dance into manifestation is something that we are going to be going deeper into another time. I want to show you how dance is a fabulous way to attract success!

Dance and music are bar none the best way to get the endorphins going. It is hard to feel sad and angry after 15 minutes of bobbing around to whatever rhythm makes you shake your body and mood!

Laughter, sex and chocolate are all endorphin releasers and laughter I recommend to us e and abuse as much as possible!

Now I do not hold as an ideal, athletes up with ripped 6-pack abdomens nor overly skinny people either.

I encourage you do this. Stop beating yourself up because you may not have a shape that conforms to what the media and society consider to be beauty. And start being your own athletic self.

Whatever shape you are is beautiful. You are a waking walking, wizard of potential well being if you allow yourself. A well of wonderful wellness!

Natural movement is vital – sedentarism is unnatural

Sitting on our butt is not natural – unfortunately computer age is to blame. You have to stay active all day!

Don’t sit for more than 30 minutes – get up after a maximum 60 minutes.

Get up and move around, stretch, do yoga, take the dog round the block, jump up and down, do some easy squats.

If you're in a shared office, organise some little movement 'islands' in your office with your colleagues.

And if you are your own boss, do some exercise whilst listening to an inspiring audio or class! Learn as you lean up!

Pick up some weights, even if it just 2 bottles of water.

Insight! Happiness hormones are not just called those because we feel elevated emotions but because they are attracting happy events and circumstances.

We do not have to fit anyone else's idea of appearance but that which makes us feel good.

And we allow ourselves to feel good doing the thing that makes us feel good, - movement!

Physicality is part of a rich healthy abundant lifestyle. Most wealthy people have principles for themselves that they stick to. And there is no excuse not to. There are athletes in wheelchairs, for goodness sake.

Movement enriches you period. That is makes you rich.

Jenni P